Cyber Elf is an elf who lives on your computer


Cyber Elf was originally referred to as “Computer Elf” but was changed to make the idea more modern and fun.

He lives inside computers but is also known to come out on the Internet, where he likes to hang out with other kids. He helps people by doing small tasks for them, all while encouraging fun activities and creativity. Because of this, Cyber Elf has become a popular figure in the online community, especially among children.

Cyber Elf is one of the earliest MMORPG (massively-multiplayer online role-playing games) developed in China. This game is also called “mystic poetry”. The background of Cyber Elf was brought to life by the mysterious spiritual world called “13” after elves and people have lived together in peace and harmony for more than 200 years. Since then, the dark forces of 13 have been plotting revenge against humans, elves, and gods…

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